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Gear and Technology

Get equipped to ascend with Jordi Gamito

Jordi Gamito in Brooks Trail Gear
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Whether you’re trying off-road running for the first time or are a die-hard trail runner, there are two things everyone needs: gear that helps you run further and faster on any terrain, and a great band of trail running buddies.

From low-level local trails to high peaks, trail running is super fun - but it’s pretty different to road running, so you need the right gear to help you perform as best you can. The terrain underfoot can vary so you need shoes that can keep up with the challenge, and clothing that will move with you, you wherever you go.

And as for running buddies? They’ll keep you going when the going gets tough. That’s exactly what our Brooks Trail Runners are about – because no one’s really alone when they’re out on the trails with a like-minded crew.

The Brooks Trail Runners are a group of athletes from all over Europe who are united by their passion for trail running and their shared Run Happy values – and no one embodies that Run Happy spirit more than Jordi Gamito. An internationally renowned long distance trail runner, Jordi has been on our radar for a while - so when we were looking for someone to put our all-new High Point Collection through its paces, there was one obvious choice!

Jordi Gamito and model running on trail track

The Brooks Trail Runners

As well as representing Brooks at the best and most beautiful trail races all around the world, the Brooks Trail Runners also test out our shoes to make sure they’re the very best for every type of terrain.

In 2022, some of our trail runners met with our product team in the Brooks Seattle headquarters to provide feedback on the materials used in our shoes and apparel. They also tested the prototypes on the trails, providing useful feedback afterwards that helped to develop the products.

And Jordi was one of those testers! We recently sat down with him to find out a bit more about him, his running experience, and his trail tips – so keep reading if you want to get seriously inspired!

Meet Jordi

We’ve had our eye on Jordi’s performance over the last few years, and we knew we wanted to get him on board. And once we explained what we were looking for, it was an easy choice for Jordi, too. He wanted a solid project that would motivate him to push his limits. What’s more, he shares the same values as Brooks, as well as a common passion for running and the same goal: to run happy through the mountains.

Jordi Gamito on trail track

Jordi Gamito

Age: 41
Favourite distance: 120km
Favourite race: Gran Raid Reuniom

Q: Jordi, what is your running story? How did you start?

A: My story began when I was a Muay Thai fighter. One day my physio asked me why I didn’t do mountain races, because my times were very good. From that day, I decided to give it a go and bet on this sport!

Q: What is your most memorable moment on the trails and why?

A: In 2018 I was able to take vacations from my work in the summer. That allowed me to train well, focus, and achieve third place in the UTMB. For me, the best time to run is from July to November, running distances from 80 to 160km, with an average altitude of 2,000 metres.

Q: In your opinion, how important is the mind when running trails? Sometimes people say that trail runners are a bit crazy. Other studies say that trail running might be the secret to happiness. What’s your take on that?

A: From my point of view, trail running is my meditation. I think you need to be very level-headed since it is a constant battle with the mind.

Q: Do you have a standard routine in place before a race or training? What is waiting for you at the finish line?

A: Regarding the races, there is always a very personal moment with me and with my father who is no longer here with us. Before starting I always look at the sky, and when I finish I look back at it.

Q: What are your ambitions? What would you still like to achieve?

A: I have three dreams: to get the record from Chamonix to Zermatt, run a good UTMB again, and win an important race for me.

Q: What is the best advice you could give to a new-to-trail-runner?

A: It’s very simple: enjoyment is the key!

Q: What do you think of our new Catamount 2 SkyVault and High Point collection? Is there anything that you would change?

A: It’s my favourite shoe! I think that, with a little more cushioning, it’ll be great for races of 100km or more.

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Jordi Gamito and model prepping for trail run

High Point Collection

The Catamount is Jordi’s favourite shoe, and if you want to go further and faster on the trails, then it could be the shoe for you, too. Featuring the first SkyVault Propulsion Plate for enhanced uphill efficiency, it’s all you need to reach new heights.

Paired with the apparel in our High Point Collection, they ensure you’re equipped to ascend. The collection features technical apparel designed with unique features to protect you on any trail. 

The apparel in the collection is designed with materials to deliver the optimal range of motion with weatherproof tech to keep you protected whatever the weather. And, of course, it’s got plenty of pockets, too - because you never know what you might need out on the trails! After all, it’s the small things that help you take on the big things.

Ready to reach the peak and run happy? Weather any storm with the High Point apparel collection and Catamount 2 to catapult yourself to new heights. Need more inspiration to hit the trails? We’ve got you covered with our insights and advice.