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It's a trail thing

Brooks Trail Runners

The ultimate trail inspiration

Tackling rugged terrain and gnarly paths, our trail runners hit some of the best trails out there - together, as a team. Don’t just take our word for it though – check out our Brooks trail runners in action.

Cascadia 16

Cascadia 16

This season's rock star

Feeling inspired to hit the trails? The Cascadia is your new best friend. Designed to help you tackle any terrain - and now in brand new colours. Get out there and get exploring.

Earth Week Strava Challenge

Earth Week Strava Challenge
The results are in

We aimed to run 100 laps around the world, planting trees as we went. Did we smash our goal?

Find out now
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Stories to transform your run
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  • Mother wearing Brooks with daughter
    Mums on the run

    Get back into your stride with top tips.

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  • Running stretches
    Running stretches

    Forget static stretches - get dynamic.

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  • Brooks runners going downhill
    The right cadence

    Find your ideal cadence.

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    Run happy
  • Run Happy Team
    Brooks Run Happy Team
    Nicole Ver Kuilen
    Run Happy, defined

    What does it mean to Run Happy?

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