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A standout in stability running shoes, the Adrenaline GTS offers support and comfort.

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2 products

When it comes to support, Adrenaline GTS are hard to beat!

The first thing you’ll notice when pulling on a pair of Adrenaline running shoes is the reassuring feeling of full support. We’ve combined our renowned GuideRails® technology with superior, feather-light DNA Loft cushioning to help you keep your stride, mile after mile. This consistency of gait, even when fatigued, helps to keep your whole body stable and avoid injuries to your feet, knees and hips. The incredibly breathable air mesh uppers in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS collection also help to keep your feet comfortable and sweat-free during your run.

There’s something for everyone in the Brooks Adrenaline collection

Due to sizing conventions and average physical differences, we offer our Adrenaline GTS running shoes in men’s and women’s models. However, this doesn’t mean that men can’t wear Adrenaline GTS for women, or vice versa! Natural variation in human bodies may mean that Adrenaline GTS for men are more suitable for some women with larger, broader feet, while men with narrower feet may find a more comfortable fit among the Adrenaline GTS women’s collection. So go ahead and try whatever you think may suit you best. After all, your comfort is the top priority!

Adrenaline running shoes are not all we have…

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