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A man and a woman run along a path with a city skyline in the background. An illustration of a nitrogen tank emits bubbles that float in the air, beneath the runners shoes, and along the path.

Nitro-infuse your run

What will nitro bring to your run? Everything. And more. Our innovative nitrogen-infusion process amplifies your run for bigger benefits with zero compromises.

Run On Nitro bubbles Run On Nitro bubbles Run On Nitro bubbles Run On Nitro bubbles Run On Nitro bubbles Run On Nitro icon

Nitro-infuse your run

Unlock bigger benefits

Watch molecular biologist Dr. Raven Baxter explain how nitrogen-infusion works

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Unlock bigger benefits

Our biggest innovation yet

Unlock benefits

Nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 and DNA FLASH

Our biggest innovation yet, nitrogen-infusion, unlocks a world of benefits by allowing us to tune cell structures and density in the DNA LOFT v3 and DNA FLASH midsoles to amplify your underfoot experience.

An illustration of a nitrogen tank with a tube connected to a midsole filled with yellow bubbles.

How nitrogen-infused midsoles amplify your favorite shoes

A close-up photo of a foot mid heel strike wearing a navy blue Glycerin 20. Illustrated bubble flost in the air and beneath the space between the ground and the sole of the shoe.
Ultimate softness

The Glycerin 20

Experience soft strides like never before in the Glycerin 20 with nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 midsole. Available in neutral or support and in a closer-to-foot fit (StealthFit).

A close-up image of a foot mid toe strike wearing a black and orange Hyperion Tempo. Small illustrated bubbles are along the sole of the shoe . Longer illustrated bubble trail away from the sole of the shoe.
Enhanced speed

The Hyperion Tempo

Feel faster than ever before. The Hyperion Tempo with nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH midsole unlocks high energy return so you can feel ultra fast.

A close-up of two feet wearing bright yellow Caldera 6 shoes. One foot floats in the air while the other foot is mid toe strike. Small bubbles surrounded by wavy lines flost along the soles of the shoes. Lightly drawn wavy elevation lines float in the background behind the shoes.
Miles of trails

The Caldera 6

Run any terrain, any distance, any time. Built for the long run, the Caldera 6 with nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 midsole unlocks maximum softness for miles of trails.

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