Light Trail Running Shoes

Variety is the spice of… running! Love both road and trail running? Light trail running shoes are your new best friend. Take a look!

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5 products

Light trail running shoes for versatility and variety

While some runners prefer to stick to paved surfaces, and others are dedicated off-roaders, we know some of you like to mix it up to keep things interesting. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of lightweight trail running shoes specially designed to handle the transition from paved to natural terrain. You’ll be able to switch between road and trail with ease and comfort in Brooks’ lightweight trail running shoes for women and men.

Feel stable and supported in our lightweight trail running shoes

Just as with all our other shoes, we’ve carefully considered the design and materials for our light trail running shoes, and have emphasised a secure fit and comfortable cushioning for a stable and enjoyable running experience. The sturdy, air mesh upper provides breathability, and the TrailTack rubber outsole provides excellent traction in all conditions. And our lightweight trail running shoes naturally come with superb cushioning to keep you comfortable on your run.

Beyond Brooks’ light trail running shoes

If, after looking at our lightweight trail running shoes, you feel that trail running is more your thing, then head over to check out our range of trail running shoes or ultra trail running shoes. We’ve also divided them into women’s trail running shoes and men’s trail running shoes to help refine your available choices. And no matter whether you prefer to run on paved or natural surfaces or both, excellent gear for running in the rain is essential! We’ve got a great range for you to explore, that will keep you covered in conditions ranging from drizzle to downpour.