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Get more energy in every stride

Optimize your effort with shoes that absorb energy and return it back for a springy feel.

Runners mid-stride in Brooks shoes

Elements of Energize

Illustration of a Brooks Shoe
Illustration of Brooks shoe with arrows
Fit options

Some shoes offer the choice of a classic running shoe fit, which blends flexibility & structure, or our StealthFit, which delivers stretch & compression.

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Illustration of Brooks shoe with arrows
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Comfort on all sides

Soft interior liners help secure the fit and increase comfort.

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The soul of a Brook shoe illustrated
Springy feel

Midsole cushioning technologies offer a springy feel and deliver energy return with every stride.

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The bottom of a Brooks shoe
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Quick transitions

Specific outsole patterns help your foot move quickly from heel to toe, enhancing the shoe's springy feel.

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Neutral shoes

Get everything you need and nothing you don’t. Neutral shoes are great for runners who don’t need extra alignment support.

Support shoes

Need a little extra support? Our GuideRails® support technology keeps you in your stride by reducing excess movement.

Everything you need to grab the perfect pair