Overpronation Running Shoes with Arch Support

Overpronation happens when the arch of your foot collapses as your foot hits the ground. Lots of runners experience this, but the right overpronation running shoes can help. Browse our shoes for overpronation below.

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7 products

Prone to overpronation?

Overpronation is caused when your ankle rolls too far downward and inward as you take a step. The inward rolling continues when you should be pushing off, overburdening your big and second toes. This leads to strain on your first two toes and overall instability in your foot, which in turn can lead to painful shin splints.

Pronation running shoes with arch support

Fortunately, the right overpronation trainers with arch support can go a long way to remedying this problem! We have a wide range of overpronation sneakers specifically aimed at keeping your feet stable and relaxed on the road. And even if you are running on uneven or wet dirt paths, we've got you covered with our overpronation trail running shoes!

Run confidently in our running trainers for overpronation

Browse our selection of running trainers for overpronation to find the best solution for you. For example, our Adrenaline running shoes with GuideRails® support technology are the perfect fit to keep your feet and knees stable, mile after mile. That's just one option - we have a whole bunch of overpronation running shoes with arch support for you to explore!

If you suffer from supination rather than overpronation, then take a look at our supination running shoes too – we're sure we've got the right option to suit your needs!

No matter what your gait, we've got the perfect running shoes to keep your feet safe, stable and comfortable during your training session.