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Gear and Technology

Take a run on the softer side: the science behind Brooks DNA LOFT

Runners are mid-stride wearing Brooks shoes with soft DNA LOFT cushioning

Ever wish the pavement was just a little softer? That running felt more like floating? Brooks DNA LOFT cushioning brings you one step closer to making that wish come true. Our softest cushioning ever offers a plush feel without sacrificing weight or durability.

So what is DNA LOFT?

DNA LOFT is our softest midsole cushioning. It’s made up of a combination of EVA foam, rubber and air — yep, even air gets credit as a cushioning ingredient. The fine-tuned combo ensures that your feet get a super soft ride every time you lace up.

 Illustrated Brooks shoes featuring a close-up selection of the cellular structure of DNA LOFT

DNA LOFT on a molecular level

Why is DNA LOFT so soft?

The super soft feeling comes from the specific proportions of the foam, rubber and air. EVA foam is a common material used in running shoe cushioning, providing softness at a relatively low weight. Blending the foam with extra air ensures that the cushioning stays lightweight, while the added rubber ensures durability.

The result? Cushioning that absorbs impact and delivers super soft comfort mile after blissful mile.

How does DNA LOFT compare to other Brooks midsoles?

Out of the four current midsole technologies, DNA LOFT delivers our softest experience. 

  • DNA AMP has the highest energy return, offering a super springy ride that propels you through your run.
  • BioMoGo DNA hits the sweet spot between softness and responsiveness: it’s not as soft as DNA LOFT, but feels softer than DNA AMP.
  • DNA FLASH is our lightest cushioning. Soft but not quite as plush as DNA LOFT, you’ll find DNA FLASH only in our fastest racing and training shoes.

How do you choose?

There’s a reason runners love ultra-cushioned shoes: they defend your hard-working feet, legs and body from the unforgiving concrete roads and pavements most of us run on.

Plush cushioning like DNA LOFT helps protect you by absorbing minor changes in road texture. Pavement cracks and pesky pebbles are no match for DNA LOFT; the pavement might as well be silk beneath your feet.

You might also choose DNA LOFT if you want to forget about your shoes and just get in the zone — the softness helps offer a consistent ride for the duration of your run. 

Two pairs of Brooks road-running shoes are placed side by side.

Which shoes have DNA LOFT?

We currently have four different shoes that feature DNA LOFT:

  • The Ghost is one of our most-loved running shoes. The shoe features a blend of DNA LOFT and BioMoGo DNA that offers softness with a touch of responsiveness.
  • The Glycerin and Glycerin GTS are our cushiest shoes, with 100% DNA LOFT cushioning to cradle your foot. If ever a shoe could snuggle, the Glycerin would be the one.
  • The Adrenaline GTS is another popular shoe with runners, combining the same blend of DNA LOFT and BioMoGo DNA as the Ghost, but with the addition of GuideRails® support.

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A group shot of runners on a bench, with bright new Brooks running shoes.