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Sherpa 5" Short

Laufhosen für Herren

€ 55,00

402 - Alpine/Bright Moss

We want all runners to love their gear. So take our gear for a 90-day test run. If you don’t love it, return it for free. Really. Have more questions? Get all the details .

Kostenloses Weihnachtsoberteil oder ein Paar Socken zum Einkauf in Höhe von 150 €

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ähnliches Produkt

Sherpa 5" Short

Uneingeschränktes, ungestörtes Laufen.

The Sherpa 5-inch running shorts with liner offer the ultimate in running comfort. Our latest version of this longtime favorite features a super soft brief liner for distraction-free miles. Plenty of pockets means you can bring all the essentials.

Ideal für:

  • Laufen bei warmem Wetter
  • Training
  • Stautasche


  • Fine-tuned fit
  • Stretch brief liner
  • Storage options

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