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Quiz: What training plan should you try out this week?

Three types of running experiences
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Find the best training ideas to weave into your week. Plus the gear to suit your body and goals.


Are you the king of cushion? The earl of energy? The sultan of speed? Read these questions and mark down your answers. Based on your goals, we’ll help find the best workouts and gear to complement your running habits.


  • Which statement best aligns with your attitude?
    A) I want to be stronger
    B) I want to be faster
    C) I want to have more endurance
    D) These other guys have no chill, I work out to feel good
  • Where would you prefer to run/work out?
    A) The gym, so I can add some variety
    B) A track or anywhere I can pass strangers
    C) The open road, baby
    D) A sunny park
Runner thinking about running shoes and training plans
  • What sounds pretty awesome?
    A) Running a marathon
    B) Winning a marathon
    C) Accidentally running a marathon
    D) Running a marathon, but only if I can do it with my friends
  • Laws of physics aside, which of these would make you feel the best?
    A) Jumping through my ceiling, leaving a me-shaped hole in the roof
    B) Running so fast my treadmill starts to sound like a dryer full of bolts
    C) Literally outrunning all of my problems
    D) If I could purchase “running offsets” so someone could run for me
  • Which of these sounds the most miserable?
    A) Going through the motions and having a boring workout
    B) Missing a running day and feeling like I’m getting slower
    C) My feet hurting on a long run
    D) Meeting my favorite celebrity and discovering they’re mean to dogs


If you answered mostly A:

You push yourself in the pursuit of explosive speed. You’re coiled like a spring or a properly stowed garden hose.

Running shoes in the energize category of Brooks

If you answered mostly B:

You gotta go fast. You chew up old PRs and spit them out like a baby that’s just tasted a lemon.

Running shoes in the speed category of Brooks

If you answered mostly C:

You’re here for long runs. You have iron resolve, bronze calves, and likely crave potassium.

If you answered mostly D:

You run for overall wellness. You like having running as a part of your lifestyle, but you’re not going to skip your best friend’s wedding for a desert ultramarathon. Your friends thank you.

Running shoes in the cushion category of Brooks

So were we close? No matter your goals, or what your run looks like, we have the shoes to help you find your best run.