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Want to make great gear even greater? Keep testing it. It’s the science we live by, and we’re recruiting you to help. As a Beta Runner, you’ll be on the cutting edge, directly informing the development of our new footwear and apparel. Think you’ve got what it takes?

Wear Testers

It’s pretty simple: we send you gear, you use it. You use it on morning jogs, on race days, in the sun and in the snow. Your feedback is what helps determine the fit, function and design of all our future products.

See if you Qualify

Wear tester requirements

To become a Wear Tester, you first must:

  • Agree to all terms of the Beta Runners Agreement
  • Agree to not post or share any pictures or information on the internet of testing product received (other than with specified Brooks permission)
  • Agree to return shoes upon request
  • Live in the Continental United States and be able to receive packages delivered by FedEx (Due to import/export duty and trade restrictions we are unable to ship testing product outside the U.S. Due to cost and time restraints we are unable to ship testing product to Alaska, Hawaii, or other United States territories. This also includes APO and AE addresses.)
  • Know your personal gait category and running shoe size (if you do not, please visit a running specialty store to be fitted before you apply)
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have regular access to the internet and a unique, individual, valid e-mail address
  • Be able to provide detailed, helpful and timely feedback effectively via email
  • Agree to use shoes only for running during testing (no yard work, rock climbing, etc.)
  • Want to create a better Brooks shoe!

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Lab Rats

We like the way you move. That’s right: studying your biomechanics is an important part of making sure Brooks gear will enhance your performance—not impede it. So we stick you on a treadmill in our Biomechanics Lab in Seattle and watch the way you run.

See if you Qualify

Lab rat requirements

To become a Wear Tester, you first must:

  • Agree to all terms of the Beta Runners Agreement
  • Be a resident of Washington State
  • Be a men’s shoe size 9 or women’s shoe size 8.5 or 10.5
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be able to maintain an eight minute mile pace for three minutes
  • Run a minimum of 15 miles per week
  • Have had no muscular or skeletal injuries in the past six months
  • Be able to commit to sessions that can last for up to three hours

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Product Testing Application


  • Q: Who pays for shipping?
  • A: Brooks will pay to ship all gear to you and send you a return shipment label when we need the gear returned.
  • Q: Can I post pictures on my Facebook page / blog / internet running log / Twitter / Instagram?
  • A: Please read the Beta Runners Agreement. When you sign up to be a Beta Runner you have agreed to refrain from posting pictures or giving information of any kind over the internet unless to a Brooks product representative specifically.
  • Q: Can I race in my testing shoes and apparel?
  • A: Yes! We want you to use the gear as you would any other gear you purchased.
  • Q: Do I need to provide my own travel to Seattle to participate in the Lab Rats program?
  • A: Yes. We will only invite those who live in Washington State due to this requirement.
  • Q: Do I get paid for participating in the Beta Runners program?
  • A: We do not reimburse testers monetarily. We value your opinions and feedback, and feel that your payment comes in the experience of and opportunity to test product before it hits the market.
  • Q: My friend would be a great Beta Runner. How can they sign up?
  • A: Have your friend fill out a Beta Runners Application.
  • Q: I applied and still haven’t heard if I have been accepted as a Beta Runner. What’s up?
  • A: Once you apply, you are in the Brooks Beta Runners database, which is where we find new Wear Testers and Lab Rats. However, being in the database does not guarantee you will receive a product to test or an invitation to our Biomechanics Lab. We unfortunately cannot guarantee, promise or predict any future testing. We will email you if you are invited to participate in either program.

Product Testing Agreement

By submitting the Brooks Beta Runners Application, you have agreed to be a member of the Brooks Sports, Inc. Wear Testing Program and to comply with all terms and conditions outlined below. As such, you are associated with an elite group dedicated to producing the finest athletic and sports footwear in the world. A significant part of Brooks’ success may be derived from the information you will be providing as an objective Wear Tester. Your selection as a Brooks Sports Wear Tester allows a unique opportunity for you to evaluate some of the leading technology in the footwear industry today.

The information you will provide is valuable to Brooks Sports and will be used in the continuing development of Brooks Sports products. Due to the competitive nature of the footwear industry and the confidential nature of the technology you will be evaluating, this information will also be of interest to Brooks Sports competitors. In order to safeguard this information, you agree, in consideration for being a Wear Tester, to not disclose to any third party without the prior written consent of Brooks Sports, any information that may be deemed to be confidential or proprietary in nature, including, but not limited to, such information as footwear, materials, or marketing plans. You also agree that any information you learn or provide as a Wear Tester is the sole property of Brooks Sports.

You understand, the footwear you will test will remain the sole property of Brooks Sports. You will not loan, sell or give the product to anyone. After testing, or any time during the testing phase, if a Brooks analyst requests the product you will promptly return. In order to protect amateur athletic eligibility, athletes will return all testing product to Brooks Sports following the conclusion of a test.

While a Wear Tester, you may be involved, by your own choice, in the use of previously untested footwear technology. Any sport or rigorous athletic related activity in which you voluntarily engage carries an inherent risk of potential accident or injury. You acknowledge and accept as your own sole responsibility the risk of such activity in relation to the wearing of Brooks Sports products and agree to release and hold harmless Brooks Sports and any and all of its employees, officers, directors, or agents from liability of any kind whatsoever related to or arising out of any injury or damage that may occur to you or any third person in connection with your use of Brooks Sports products. You further acknowledge that no employee/employer relationship is established by this agreement or relationship.

While a Wear Tester you agree to the following:

  • Not to post pictures, reviews, or comments in a blog, on a message board, on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else on the internet of any shoes or products you are testing.
  • Not to sell any shoe you are testing.
  • Not to make shoes available for inspection to anyone, for any reason, other than you and the Brooks Sports Wear Test Analyst.
  • Not to describe or discuss shoes in any respect with anyone other than a Brooks Sports Product Representative (i.e. Wear Test Analyst).

All applications are subject to review and acceptance is not guaranteed. Removal from the Wear Tester Program is at the total and sole discretion of Brooks Sports. Any dispute arising out of or in relation to this Agreement shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of a state or federal court of appropriate jurisdiction located in King County, Washington State and such determination shall be made by reference to the laws of the State of Washington.