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Moderately comfortable
Very uncomfortable Very comfortable
High support
Low support High support
Feels half size too small
Feels full size too small Feels full size too big

Seams draw attention and look ridiculous

I bought this bra for yoga since there aren't many options in my size. It has so many lines/seams on it that it is quite noticable and embarrassing. Even with two shirts on over it, it still looks ridiculous. I wish I could return it, but have already worn it. I'll buy another brand that is a tad small, but I won't have visible seams all over my chest.


Probably not

The clips that allow you to change the straps from normal to criscross come undone when I am trying to put the bra on. It is extremely frustrating.



This bra is incredibly. Supportive. Makes running a pleasure. It looks good under other tops too because it Separates and lifts more than a regular sports bra.

La crosse, WI

Support is great but the outer constitution needs work

It's great support BUT 1. The stitching in front causes rippling and its visible under shirts 2. It makes me look like I'm wearing a bra from the 1950's....cone'ish 3. In order to smooth down the cone and ripple effect I have to wear a secondary light weight sports bra which defeats the purpose 4. The support is great but would consider something else that delivers both the support and the look


Would not recommend

The inner cup fits fine but the outer layer is too big. There is no compression resulting in bounce. The bras is visible under shirts and the straps tends to slide. Very disappointed.