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Are these sizes US? Are these prices USD?

2019/01/27 New Zealand Staceyh

Yes, they are.

Daughter requires running shoes for over pronation. What versions should we be looking at?

2019/01/14 Las Vegas Kenna

The Adrenaline GTS is a great option. All of the support shoes are designed to correct pronation.

These are my first pair of Brooks and I absolutely loved them at first (I've had them for 2 months), but in the last week or 2(??) the rubber toe tip inside the shoe comes down to a point and hits my toes. I can put my hand into the shoe and straighten it out, but it just comes right back as soon as I walk/run. I have not put in orthotics or other insoles. Does anyone else have this problem, or did I just get a bad pair?

2019/01/14 GA MORGAN

We are happy to help. Please call our customer service line. 1 (855) 427-6657

I currently have the GTS17. The support is amazing. These have very little bend in the toe area. Do the GTS18 have the same support? These are work shoes and I stand all day.

2019/01/12 undisclosed Mrs.M

Yes, the GTS 18 has the same support level as the GTS 17.

I puchased a pair of womens Adrenaline gts18 at $99.95 on 12/27 just before the price dropped to $78. I was just curious if you guys price match your sale prices or not. My order number was 03455915

2019/01/11 undisclosed Mar

Yes, please call our customer service line. 1 (855) 427-6657