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Ghost 12 coming soon...what is the anticipated arrival dates and will they be offered in a size 7? Let me know. Thanks!

2019/07/11 Vancouver, WA Robert Levy

Hi. We are getting the Ghost 12 available on July 20 and it is going to be available in size 7. Thank you.

Do you guys have Ghost 11 in 093 color? Also when are ghost 12 coming out?

2019/06/29 undisclosed Jay

Hi! We don't have the color 093 at this moment. The Ghost 12 is coming out this July 12. Thanks !

Are the inserts removable in this shoe? I require a special insole. Thank You

2019/06/15 Van Wert , Ohio Pup

Yes, the insoles are removable. Thank you!

Are the Ghost 11good walking shoes as I cannot run any longer but do walk 2 to 3 miles 5 days a week ?

2019/06/10 Killeen Tx Dave

The Ghost 11 is a great option for walking. Thank you!

Good morning, I have a ghost 11 shoes, unfortunately one insert has broken (in right shoe). Are shoe inserts available for sale? greetings

2019/06/07 Poland Krzysztof

We would be happy to help. Please give our customer service line a call. 1-855-427-6657