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Will more sizes of Mach 18 spikeless be available soon? My son runs cross country and track and swears by his Mach 18s. He ran the grips off his last pair and they are now in a display case next to a first place conference metal and trophy. So in other words, I pray you are going to release more because he believes they are the secret behind his success. Currently, he needs a 9.5, but he's 13 so depending on when (or if) they are released, he may need a 10. Thank you! Allison Gill

2019/01/15 Missouri XC Mom

Unfortunately we are not restocking the Mach 18. The Mach 19 will be available in June.

Do you know when you will be getting the blue and yellow in size 12 in stock?

2018/11/19 Mindoro, Wisconsin Jake

Unfortunately, we will not be receiving more inventory of color 453.

Would this shoe work well for 800m? I don't want spikes but want something light and fast.

2018/05/21 MN rbomb

Would I be able to use these on an indoor track or should I find other flats. Because most indoor meets don't allow spikes and I need racing flats.

2017/12/07 Chalfont, Pa luke

Hi! These flats will be fine for indoor track! Brooks Running

Can these shoes be used in an indoor track?

2017/11/27 RI Jenn

Yes, they can be used on an inside track.