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Does the Mach 18 have ideal traction for cross country races that are primarily on roads and cement?

2019/05/23 undisclosed Tristan

The Mach 18 and 19 are great options for XC racing. There is also a spikeless version available. Thank you!

Can I use for middle distance?

2017/11/20 Sarawak,Malaysia adib the boy

Yes, you can use the shoe for middle distances.

Are the spikes removable on the Mach 18 running shoe?

2017/10/28 Stamford, CT Eileen

Yes, they are removable.

I have had both the Mach 17 and Match 18 and I was wondering if there is a release date for the Mach 19s I would of course love to have the latest of these great spikes and curious if I should buy these or wait if the next ones are coming out before my season begins. Thanks for the help!

2017/08/23 NY Brendan

We will not be released a new shoe in 2018, but a new color will be released in July.

Are the spike on these shoes removable?

2017/08/20 Right behind you Nolanator

Yes, they are removable.