Shoe Finder

Uncover the best running shoes for you with this curious, interactive finder. It works like magic. Yet it’s rooted in the best running science to date.

Curious about how Brooks shoes stack up? Tell us what you wear and we'll let you know what we recommend. Make the switch


1 Let's start easy.

When I go out for a run, I prefer to wear shoes on the .

2 Walk it out.

Time to take a quick walk. Observe five steps and notice how your feet position themselves. Did they?

3 Give us a leg to stand on.

Kick off your shoes and stand on one leg. What do you sense in your standing foot?

4 Let’s get knee deep.

knee test how to pick right running shoes

Now that you’re warmed up, stand up with your feet together, heels and toes touching. Slide your hand between your knees and do a shallow squat. What do you feel?

5 Are you bendy?

Place your hand, palm face down, on to a flat surface. Bend back your index finger with your opposite hand. What is the angle from the table?

6 Share your pain.

Nobody likes injuries, but they're important to discuss. Do you currently experience pain or have you endured a running-related injury in the past six months?

  • Sorry to hear that, tell us where it is/was?

7 Give us the long and short of it.

During the past six months, estimate how many miles you ran each week.

8 What are you training for?

What are you training for?

9 Come along for the ride.

Choose the running experience you want.

  • And last but not least, which experience appeals to you?

  • And last but not least, which experience appeals to you?