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Perfect for The Girls!

I LOVE this sports bra so much I just purchased two more. I cannot tell you how much I hate bra shopping so this thrills me!! Worth every penny! This sports bra is great for high and medium impact for larger chest girls!! It does not have underwire and initially I was concerned it wouldn't provide the necessary support but that is not the case.


Supportive AND comfortable

I use this for my shorter runs and speed work. The support in this bra is not quite as locked-in as the Juno is, but it is still plenty supportive for me. I find this easier to get on than the Juno (no cross straps on the back) but didn't notice a lack of support because of it. Overall a great supportive bra for the price! Already planning on buying more!

Republic, MO

extremely supportive, a must have for larger busts!

Needed to get some larger sports bras during my pregnancy. Already had a larger bust, but now need more support than ever. These Brooks bras did the trick! I feel very secure when running, keeps everything nice and secure during runs and various workout classes. Will probably buy more in the future.


Love this bra, frustrated it's out of stock

This is the only bra I've found from Brooks that is easy to get on and off but still has superior support. Went to buy a second and it's gone :(


Just what I needed

After I graduated from heavily padded and pushed-up mall brands (which is overkill for my size), I'm thrilled to find something lightweight, breathable. and supportive. I average about 3 miles a day at a brisk walk, mostly on rough trails This bra stops the jiggle and is comfortable enough that I don't feel I need to whip it off asap.