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I like this shoe because it fits well on my heel. Is there a shoe like this but in a stability shoe?

2019/01/19 BC, Canada Brittles

Yes, The Ariel 18 is a maximum support option with a similar fit.

I would like to buy this in women's 9 extra wide in the blue color. I have the burgundy ones in 9EE and they are great for protection of my bunion.

2018/10/18 Chapel Hill, NC Kathy

Unfortunately, only color 527 is available in 2E.

Why does this come only in this color? Men's available in others. Not all women want to only have this color.

2018/09/27 Kitty Hawk NC Me

There are currently two color options available, 527 and 025.

I have the dyad 10 in color 025. My new puppy chewed up the shoe laces. Is there anyway I can order a replacement lace in that same color? The color of those laces is what makes the shoe look amazing.

2018/09/18 Kalamazoo Christy

Please call our customer service line. We are happy to help! 1 (800) 227-6657

I have been wearing the Dyad 9 for a few months and was very happy with the shoe initially. It worked well with my orthotic and provided a good amount of stability and support but the sole has worn quicker than any other pair of Brooks that I own. (I have 5) Needless to say I am disappointed. I walk 3 to 5 miles per day for exercise. Have you heard similar concerns?

2018/08/20 Sartell Mn. Deb