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19 Questions

Will you be getting more sizes in this shoe?

2019/04/15 Philadelphia. PA Lauren

Unfortunately we will not be restocking the Transcend 5. The Transcend 6 is currently available. Thank you!

Is the Transend the next step up after the Ghost?

2019/02/27 Cary NC Jean Costa

The Glycerin 16 is a max cushion neutral shoe. The Transcend is a support option.

Is the transcend 5 a neutral shoe? I do not pronate or supinate. Would the transcend 5 be a good shoe for me in order to support my knees and low back?

2019/02/11 Cincinnati Julia

The Transcend 5 is a support shoe. The Glycerin 16 is a neutral option with the same amount of cushion.

Do you make wide width in a heel cushioned shoe?

2019/01/28 WA. Sandra

Yes, The Adrenaline GTS 19 is available in wide.

Are these neutral shoe

2019/01/18 Point Marion Pa Willie

The Transcend 5 is a support shoe. The neutral alternative in the Glycerin 16.