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I had wore Launch 1 size 9.5D and it's quite fit. After that I changed to Launch 3 size 10D as it's mentioned that its size is a bit smaller than normal but it's a bit large for me. Now I'd like to change to Adrenaline GTS 18, so which size I should choose? 9.5D or 10D? Is the size of Adrenaline GTS 18 the same as Launch 3 for both men and women? Please advise. Thanks.

2019/02/26 HCMC, VN danhi

If you are in between sizes, we suggest going with the larger size.

Are these shoes waterproof?

2019/02/23 undisclosed Jared

No, The Ghost 11 GTX and Cascadia 13 GTX are waterproof. Run Happy!

The Adrenaline 19 was recommended to me because I run with a slight pronation in my left foot. Is the Adrenaline 18 built similar enough to get those same benefits from the shoe or should I get the 19? Also open to other recommendations.

2019/02/18 Richmond, In Dan

Yes, the GTS 18 is a mid-level support shoe just like the GTS 19. Both version are great for pronation.

Is there is a drop between the back (heel) and the front?

2019/01/31 Georgia Chinh

Yes, the drop height is 12mm.

I used to run in Ghost shoes but looking for more cushioning and support. Are these the right shoes? Thanks.

2019/01/31 Georgia Chinh

The Adrenaline GTS 18 will offer more support. If your also looking for more cushion then the Transcend 6 would be a great option.