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Hi, I have worn Beast 12 in the past, and currently using Adrenaline GTS 18. I seem to need more cushioning and stability than the GTS 18 offers, since I have Plantar Faciitis and Patella Femoral Syndrome (Runner's Knee) pain. Is Addiction 13 or the current Beast more suitable for those needs? What's the difference between the Addiction and the Beast?

2018/05/20 MASSACHUSETTS Arun

I measure mens 10.5 (D) to barely E. I ordered Addiction 11 (D). My outside two toes kept loosing circulation and were painful. My big toe banged on the end a bit too. Should I re-order 11 again but in (EE) or jump to 11.5? Seems these run small because if I physically compare the insole and shoe itself to my previous Asics which are 10.5 (D) they are about the same size. Thoughts?

2018/04/05 Arizona Bob

Hi Bob! It sounds like you may want to order a half size larger! I would suggest ordering that 11.5. Brooks Running

I have been running in Brooks Beast for YEARS. I do not find this latest release (Beast '16) to be comfortable, mainly due to the overall size, weight, and heavy cushioning around the tongue and where my foot reaches my ankle. It is too tight/compact. Is the Addiction (or Adrenaline) a decent alternative for a less bulky fit, while still offering support for over-pronation? Which shoe has more support: Addiction or Adrenaline?

2018/03/05 Austin, Texas Jeff

Hi Jeff! The Addiction is the more supportive shoe of the two! I recommend taking a look at the Addiction! Brooks Running

WHat are the differences in models Addiction 12 versus the new Addiction 13- specifically relating to size & width - are they exactly the same as the 12s - with improvements on comfort/cushion, wearability- just what has been changed ? I see there are specifications listed for the 13s- what were the specifications on the 12s ? Thank you, I am very happy with the Addiction 12 shoe Tim

2018/03/02 Santa Clara CA T D

Hi Tim! The Addiction 13 fits a little wider than the 12! It is also softer underfoot with improved flexibility! Brooks Running

When will they come out with the blue and gray ones again?

2018/02/25 NC Tom

There will be a new color available in September 2018! (black/red)