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Does the hyperion use standard Dna foam or does it use Dna LT?

2017/10/30 Texarkana, TX Crobinstorm

The Hyperion uses the BioMoGo DNA midsole.

Hello my name is Natalia. I was interested in purchasing the Hyperion shoe in mens but there are no sizes lower than 7. The color I like only comes in mens'.

2017/10/19 Aventura, FL Nani

Hi! Unfortunately, the smallest shoe we make in men's is a size 7. Brooks Running

I tend to underpronate at times and at other times I have a normal pronation. Will this shoe accomodate both?

2017/09/26 murfreesboro, tn Chris

Hi Chris, This shoe is neutral! So this should be good to go for your gait! Run Happy, Brooks Running

Hi. I use custom built orthopedic insoles (light pronation) and I'm considering these shoese instead of Asteria - considering I need a neutral shoe which will gain support from my custom insole. Is this a correct assumption? I used to run in Racer ST5 before. How does the toe box width compare to Racer ST5?

2017/09/16 Croatia Ivan

Hi Ivan! This shoe is very narrow throughout! Brooks Running

What is the offset or heel drop? The page should list this information. Thanks

2017/08/16 Florida Pro

The midsole drop is 10mm.