Run Happy may be our motto, but it could just as easily be Live Healthy. So when we see people and organizations that encourage a healthy, active lifestyle in their communities, we like to give them a leg up.


Giving is more powerful when it's personal.

That's the biggest reason why, every year, we ask each of our employees to donate $300 in merchandise to a cause they care about. It's especially inspiring to see coworkers team up to make an even bigger charitable impact. Cue the warm gushy feelings!


If you're part of a charitable organization that is passionate about helping people get out and active, we want to hear about it.

Inspiring people to get out and active is core to our mission. That is why we want to get gear into the hands of extraordinary organizations who are working to create a healthier, Run Happier world. Through the following program we strive to support groups that inspire everyone to run and be active.

These product donation grants are assessed once per year in July, at which time we will select applicants who best meet the following criteria:

  • Organization’s ability to get people out and active
  • Organization’s ability to use running as a medium for social change
  • Organization’s alignment with Brooks’ brand values, especially Brand Value #7, "We champion the run on behalf of all." and Brand Value #8, "We live, work and run as part of a global community."
  • Scope of impact
  • How organization will use the product donation to achieve their mission

To nominate an inspiring coach for a donation, please visit our Inspiring Coaches page.

To nominate a team for a donation, please visit our Booster Club page.


Every one of our community service endeavors starts with a single employee.

They find an organization they care about and rally the Brooks troops to join the cause. The more volunteers, the more meaningful the impact, so we give every Brooks employee paid time annually to support their communities.

Some of Our Favorites:

ConservationNEXT's Seattle Backyard Collective

Habitat for Humanity

Northwest Harvest

Seattle's Ronald McDonald House


The greatest thing about a great coach is that their greatness doesn't stop when the race is finished.

Their greatness inspires their athletes, affects their communities and motivates their peers. Each year we reward one outstanding cross country or track and field coach through the Brooks Inspiring Coaches Program.