A man and a woman run from left to right in the new Brooks Levitate 3. Sparks have been sketched into the photo below each shoe to illustrate the energy return of the shoe.

De toi, à toi puissance 1000

Fais le plein de puissance pendant ton run grâce à la Levitate 3. L'amorti DNA AMP transforme chaque foulée en énergie supplémentaire.

Des idées cadeaux pour tous les coureurs. Des chaussures aux chaussettes de Noël.

Gift wrapped presents on a green background. The presents are animated and running from left to right in Brooks footwear.

Reçois un pull moche "Ugly Sweater" gratuit dès 160€ d'achat.

A picture of an animated shoe under a magnifying glass. The Background is navy blue, the shoe is white with light blue details.
A picture of an animated map depicting what you might encounter on your run. There are small details on the map such as a toilet roll, a beer, a race medal, and some dogs.