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Two runner through a winter scene.

The Run Merry Levitate 5

Run hard. 'Nog hard.

Run Merry, our annual holiday party for your feet, is finally back. This year, we're jingling all the bells for the all-new, super springy Run Merry Levitate 5.

Brooks Apparel laid out with wrapped gifts
Gifts for every budget

Don't settle for getting them fruitcake. Shop gear from the newest shoes to gifts under $50.

Illustrated Brooks shoe and arrows
Get your perfect pair for Kicks-mas

Try our Shoe Finder quiz and get matched up with the right shoes for your run.

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Go beyond the gear
  • Illustrated Gingerbread man
    The most joyful holiday fun runs in the U.S.

    from South Carolina to Hawaii, go dashing through our list of the season's cheerlest runs.

  • Colorful letter R I D C
    Power shift

    The Running Industry Diversity Coalition is creating more space for BIPOC.

  • Runner going down a snow covered path
    How to keep moving forward during the holidays

    After a very eventful last couple of years, running can give feelings of stability and good health.

  • Let’s talk running

    Be the first to know about new gear, special collections, and other cool projects we’re working on at Brooks

    Run Happy
  • Two runners with an illustrated to do list
    Wrapped up gifts
    Gift ideas for The One Who Keeps It All Together

    Snacks? Tissue? Motivational wake-up call? This friend helps keep the group run going. Here are some gift ideas to say thanks.


We believe in the transformative power of the run

A line of illustrated runners