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Side view of two runners

Adrenaline GTS 22

Hit your stride and keep it steady in the Adrenaline GTS 22

The Adrenaline GTS 22 features DNA LOFT cushioning and GuideRails® support so you can focus less on your stride and more on your run.

Woman running on a road surrounded by mountains
Tips for running in the heat

Find all the tips and tricks you need to stay cool when running in hot weather.

Illustration of a shoe with arrows pointing to it
Shoe Finder

Not sure what shoe is right for you? Our Shoe Finder is here to help.

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Side view of two runners on a sunny day, with cacti in the background

The Ghost 14: Your smoothest run

Get in the zone and focus on your run. The new Ghost 14 delivers 100% DNA LOFT cushioning for a smoother, softer run with fewer distractions

Shop the perfect summer gear.
Group of people in costumes

Crafting the Run Proud Collection

Celebrating the LGBTQ+ community with artist Lisa Congdon

Stories to transform your run
  • Two women trail running
    Our guide to summer running

    All the tips and tricks you need for summer runs

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  • Runner on transgender flag
    Transgender Day of Visibility

    We're sharing the voices and journeys of trans runners

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  • Illustrations of runners and a banana
    Frozen food nutrition

    Fuel for the run, even from the frozen food section.

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  • Let’s talk running

    Be the first to know about new gear, special collections, and other cool projects we’re working on at Brooks

    Run Happy
  • Julie Culley looking at the camera
    Grace Gonzales during a race
    Celebrating 50 years of Title IX

    Read stories from runners who were empowered by Title IX

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We believe in the transformative power of a run.

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