sports bra

Unsure how your sports bra should look and feel?
Here are the fundamentals to get you to the perfect fit.

Start with the band
Make sure the band is as snug as comfortably possible—more so than your lingerie bra. If the band rides up, it's too loose and/or the bra straps need to be adjusted. Chafing can be an issue if the band is too loose.
Check your cups
Scoop your breasts into the cups, ensuring they are centered. Breasts should be contained completely within the cups. Any tissue that spills out the top or sides indicates the cup size is too small.
The bra's fabric should be smooth. Any wrinkles or puckers may mean the straps need to be adjusted or that the cup size is too big.
Is there an underwire?
An underwire should sit on your rib cage below the breast tissue with the center panel comfortably flat against your breastbone. Any gaping in the center may indicate the need to go up a cup size.
Getting the straps just right
Straps should not slide or dig into your shoulders. Adjustable straps offer a more custom fit. If you feel most of the support is coming from the straps, you may need a smaller band size.