Two runners from the side running in Brooks gear; they are running by a gray wall and green bushes

Get ready to race

Let’s do this.

You’ve signed up for a race. That’s awesome! Now it’s time to get ready. We have everything you need to keep running happy from now until race day.

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Lace up and head out

Start with a plan.

5K: An animated blue ribbon that has 5K written on it

5K training plans

Newcomers and veterans alike can find the fun in a 5k.

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10K: An animated gold medal with 10K written on it

10k training plans

Not too short and not too long, the 10k is the road racing sweet spot.

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13.1: An animated gold trophy with 13.1 written on it

Half-marathon training plans

Find out why the half-marathon is the most popular race distance.

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26.2: An animated gold trophy with 26.2 written on it

Marathon training plans

Our best advice for tackling the full marathon distance: take training one day at a time.

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Find the best shoes for you.

An animated Brooks shoe under a microscope; the background is blue and the shoe is bright blue and white

Run-ready nutrition

Food to fuel every mile.

Eggs: A picture of egg bites sitting on a cooling rack from above

Eggs you can count on

Time-strapped for healthy breakfasts? This one recipe will fuel a week’s worth of breakfasts.

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Oatmeal: A picture of two cups of oatmeal from above

Don’t mess with the best

There’s nothing new about oatmeal for breakfast; it’s still a top choice for runners everywhere.

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Energy bites: A close up picture of peanut butter oats rolled into balls, stacked on top of each other

Bite-size blasts of energy

Easy to make and easy to transport, this protein-rich snack keeps fuel close at hand.

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