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a grey and pink and a yellow and grey hyperion tempo.

Get after your goals in the Hyperion Tempo

How can we help you go faster? How will you stay quick on your feet? The Hyperion Tempo answers. Start crushing your goals in this fast, light shoe.

How the Tempo helps you train

A man and woman running across a bridge.
  • Advanced DNA FLASH midsole technology provides ultralight energy return. So you get some “oomph” back in every step.

  • The combination of energy return and underfoot softness reduces impact, so you can train harder, more often, with less overall fatigue.

  • Enjoy the shoe’s performance fit — a breathable stretch-woven upper moveswith your foot, providing maximum comfort.

It's a Winner

The Tempo takes a victory lap

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Try the Hyperion Elite 2 for race day

Hyperion Elite 2

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