The Brooks Heritage Collection

We are celebrating our rich running history by paying tribute to the classic footwear that catapulted Brooks into the running boom of the 1970's. Inspired by these deep roots, we look to the past to honor our origins and elevate the future, using luxurious materials and detailed craftsmanship. Our specially curated collections evolve season to season, weaving together modern style with authentic design to create iconic shoes that go beyond the run.


In 1914, Brooks Goldberg launched Brooks in Philadelphia. In the early days, Brooks manufactured everything from ice skates to baseball cleats, and just about every kind of athletic footwear in between.

1976: Vanguard

Introduced in 1976, the Brooks Vanguard captures the essence of the '70's running boom with clean lines, rich colors and the now-iconic T-toe.

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1982: Chariot

Born in 1982, the legendary Brooks Chariot is all grown up. One of the most-worn running shoes in the '80's, our rejuvenated award-winner brings together original high-tech features with updated style.

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1992: Fusion

Inspired by technology of the '90's, the Brooks Fusion blended cutting edge innovation with sporty style to stay ahead of the pack. And now the future is back.

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1993: Regent

1993 was the dawn of a special time in Brooks lore. The Regent debuted and spoke to the runner in a new and exciting way and quickly became a titan in the running world.

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1993: Beast

Brooks realized there was a demand for a full-on stability shoe, and so the Beast came roaring to life. It quickly became the leader in support technology.

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1993: Mojo

In the early '90's, inspired innovation and new tech collided to create iconic shoes and we introduced the Mojo, a versatile training shoe with unparalleled cushioning and support.

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