The planet is our playground—and because more than 100 million people run outside
worldwide—it's critical we take care of it. To show our support for the
National Park Foundation and all they do to conserve our outdoor spaces, we'll be donating
5% of the wholesale cost of each piece in our National Parks Collection to the
National Park Foundation, up to $50K.

Brooks National Parks Collection will be sold exclusively at REI, in a joint partnership to celebrate national parks across the U.S. Each shoe is stamped with its own unique national park crest, and the accompanying shirts feature one-of-a-kind designs for women and men, inspired by the park they celebrate.

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One of the reasons we created this collection for REI was to inspire runners to get out and explore their national parks. So we’ve mapped out the most epic, rewarding routes through our partnership with Great Runs.

This most Appalachian
of parks is also the
country’s most visited
and boasts more than
800 miles of trails
through the woods with
many opportunities to
take in wildlife.

Maps and Trails

14,400 feet above sea
level, running Mt. Rainier
means exploring its
gorgeous valleys,
waterfalls, subalpine
meadows, old-growth
forest, and more than
25 glaciers.

Maps and Trails

Run the oldest and most
faithful of parks, home to
the world’s largest
collection of geysers,
dramatic mountains,
forests, lakes and an
abundance of wildlife.

Maps and Trails

Take in Yosemite’s
deep valleys, grand
meadows, and giant,
ancient sequoias
with rugged mountain
peaks and glacially
carved domes as
your backdrop.

Maps and Trails

Don’t live near a national park?
There’s plenty to explore, right in your hometown.

Find a trail near you

All you need to know before
hitting the trails.

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