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Glycerin 16 Glycerin 16 Glycerin 16 Glycerin 16 Glycerin 16 Glycerin 16
Glycerin 16 120278 Brooks

Glycerin 16



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It doesn't get softer than this. New DNA LOFT cushioning, a plush fit and super soft transitions make every stride luxurious. Who said running has to hurt?

Updated Version Available

Check out the Glycerin 17 Check out the Glycerin 17
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Midsole Drop



9.4oz / 266.5g


Medium, High

Experience Type





Road Running

What’s New

  1. DNA LOFT full-length midsole for an ultra-soft feel and ride
  2. Engineered mesh for breathability, flexibility and support
  3. Two-way stretch bootie for an adaptive fit


Glycerin 16
Glycerin 16 Women's Road Running Shoe
Glycerin 16
Balanced, Soft Cushioning

Balanced, Soft Cushioning

Brooks brand-new DNA LOFT cushioning is engineered to provide a luxurious feeling underfoot without losing responsiveness and durability.

Plush Transitions

Plush Transitions

The DNA LOFT transition zone makes every move from heel to toe feel incredibly soft and smooth.

Plush Fit

Plush Fit

If your feet could speak, they'd thank you. Our newly engineered 3D Fit Print mesh upper and internal stretch bootie surround your foot in softness, expanding and contracting with your stride.

Ideal Pressure Zones

IDEAL Pressure Zones evenly disperse impact away from your body for an effortless ride.

Double Jacquard Mesh

The new, Double Jacquard Mesh is engineered for strategic breathability, flexibility, and structure.

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