Inspiring Coaches Finalist Tauwon Taylor

Moline High School - Moline, IL

Number of years coaching: 14 years coaching cross country and track.

At a glance: Coach Tauwon Taylor is consistently sacrificing his own personal time and money to help his athletes succeed. He buys gear for the kids you can’t afford it, always putting his athletes first. When other coaching or running opportunities have come his way, Coach Taylor has always passed. When his runners ask “why?” his response is always that he loves coaching them, they mean the world to him and he wouldn’t give it up for everything. His dedication to the team makes his athletes feel like Coach Taylor wants the best for them and makes them work harder both on the track and in school.


What is your favorite coaching moment? Can’t pick just one, feel free to list a few!

  • Running with my athletes on road runs.
  • My first Conference team title will always be special because we were the underdogs and no-one but us believed we could win. (Girls CC Team)
  • Persuading a sprinter to go out for CC and turning her into an all-state CC runner.

What makes Coach Taylor Run Happy?
Thinking of ways to make my team better always puts a smile on my face on a run.

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