Inspiring Coaches Finalist Scott Griggs

Franklin High School - Seattle, WA

Number of years coaching: 6 years Track and 2 years Cross Country.

At a glance: Coach Scott Griggs has led his inner-city team with limited resources to a district championship. He often pays out of pocket for his team to get better gear, better food and to attend local clinics. To manage not just their athletic, but also their academic success, Coach Griggs tracks each athlete’s progress in classes, working with them individually when they need to step up their grades. His additions to Franklin High School reach beyond the track, he recently found 14 bikes in an old storage unit, worked to get them repaired and started a bike club on campus, so his runners and others could cross train.


What piece of advice does Coach Griggs give an athlete having a bad day to inspire them?
I try to convey that this moment that feels like failure could be used to make them a better athlete or even person. All athletes handle failures and success differently. I try to be flexible, timing is important when to step in and address it. As a coach you emotionally rise and fall inside with their performances but they are the ones that have to live with how they do. I try to eventually get them to keep it in perspective. They can take it too lightly also...

What makes Coach Griggs Run Happy?
What makes me Run Happy is new shoes. Running is my life.

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