Inspiring Coaches Finalist Chris Cronin

Northville High School - Northville, MI

Number of years coaching: 20 years of cross country, 8 years in track.

At a glance: Coach Chris Cronin of Northville High School in Northville, Mich., knows that being a successful cross country student-athlete means balancing studies and running. That's why when one of his runners had surgery to remove a brain tumor, Coach Cronin was the first to volunteer to tutor him through his recovery. On top of teaching students both academically and athletically, Cronin is known for being a resource and mentor for other coaches, helping to develop the next generation of Inspiring Coaches.


What piece of advice does Coach Cronin give an athlete having a bad day to inspire them?
I typically start by acknowledging the poor performance (I know, that's crazy, right?). Not in a negative way, more in a matter-of-fact way. I hate to let a bad race stew. I always tell my runners that while I'm disappointed for them, I'm not disappointed in them. I can empathize with them, I've had some horrible racing days in my career. But the sun will come up tomorrow, and that puts us one step closer to another opportunity.

What makes Coach Cronin Run Happy?
1. I love to run trails. I'm blessed to live very close to a number of fantastic XC ski trails. When they are not groomed for skiers, they become my escape. 2. I love to go home to Iowa City, Iowa and run. Even though I have lived in Michigan for 25 years, I still consider Iowa City my home town. I might get back one or two times a year, and I always find time for a run.

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