Inspiring Coaches Finalist Allan Lockridge

Pojoaque High School - Santa Fe, N.M.

Number of years coaching: 41 years coaching track and cross country.

At a glance: With a nickname like "The Legend," Coach Allan Lockridge of Pojoaque High School in Santa Fe, N.M., has been inspiring his cross country team for many years and through many individual and team state titles. At the state meet in 2000 when Coach Lockridge’s house unfortunately burned in a wildfire, he pushed through for his team, exclaiming "we have races to win!" Through teaching the importance of community on his teams, Coach Lockridge inspires success, improvement and happiness in his athletes.


What piece of advice does Coach Lockridge give to athletes?
I learned from a very successful coach and great person to try to be with every athlete some time during every practice. I try to figuratively touch at every practice. I speak with them as they arrive to our site or as they come back from a long run. I try to say something upbeat as they work out. I want to know how they are doing every day; it affects their workout and it affects their emotional state. If I understand how they feel at the moment then I can try to give them give them the uplift they need.

What makes Coach Lockridge Run Happy?
Run Happy means to take a team or any individual and transform them from a novice into being an athlete. This doesn’t mean always that they become the state champ. I’m happy when I see any kid begin to reach their potential. The fastest runner on the team that moves up from being "mediocre" by just beating teammates to achieving their best is "fun;" this is happy! Any kid who makes this move up to a new and higher plateau is what delights me.

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