Brooks® Sports Announces Groundbreaking Brooks PureProject™ Collection

New Lightweight Footwear Promotes Natural Ride and Market-Leading Biomechanical Innovations

Bothell, Wash. – April 1, 2011

Leading running company Brooks Sports, Inc. ( today announced a new line of footwear that promotes natural ride, an aligned footstrike, and a unique running experience in a lightweight package. Available for purchase at select retailers and Oct. 1, 2011, the Brooks PureProject collection is rooted in biomechanical performance, yet lightweight and intuitively designed to promote a natural footstrike, allowing runners to more completely connect to their runs.

"Our dedication to delivering the 'perfect ride for every stride' with our core running shoes is how Brooks became the No. 1 footwear brand at specialty retail earlier this year," said Jim Weber, Brooks president and CEO. "Now, with the Brooks PureProject collection, we are giving runners the biomechanical excellence they expect from Brooks in a lightweight package–letting runners experience more with less."

After years of research and development, the Brooks PureProject styles proactively promote an individual’s ideal biomechanical alignment as he or she runs through the gait cycle, delivering a more efficient, natural stride. Each of the four Brooks PureProject styles–PureConnect™, PureFlow™, PureCadence™, and PureGrit™–includes five distinct, market-leading innovations:

  • Ideal Heel: Our signature inverted heel promotes a natural foot strike by landing in a more forward position on the foot. This aligns the runner’s center of gravity with resulting force vectors and reduces harmful lever arms
  • Toe Flex: A toe box split allows the big toe to function independently and engage the runner’s natural balance. Pliable materials empower a more efficient push-off during the propulsion phase and enhanced flexibility
  • Nav Band: This flexible band wraps over the instep to comfortably secure the foot in place. The dynamic stretch provides just the right amount of reinforcement and conforms to individual foot shape and size
  • BioMoGo DNA: BioMoGo, our earth-friendly midsole technology, is blended with patent-pending Brooks® DNA adaptable cushioning to create a springy return and custom comfort. This also reduces material waste by eliminating drop-ins allows for a thinner midsole
  • Anatomical Last: Designed from the anatomical shape of a runner’s foot, the shoe’s shape contours the foot for a glove-like fit and feel and provides support for every part of the foot

Brooks offers the best biomechanically-based footwear for all runners–whether it's the Brooks Adrenaline™ GTS for more support or the Glycerin® for neutral runners. Now, with the addition of the PureProject collection to Brooks' core line of shoes, Brooks will turn the traditional footwear continuum and silos on end by giving runners the opportunity to also choose their desired running experience on any given day.

"We believe that runners want to choose how they experience their run–to either feel and connect with the surface underneath on some days or to cruise on autopilot through the run on other days. Giving runners this choice and preference is just as important to us as delivering innovative biomechanics that enable those experiences," said Andre Kriwet, director of footwear product management for Brooks. "The addition of Brooks PureProject to our entire footwear collection allows runners to switch their experience–to 'feel' or to 'float'–from day to day."

"Feel" and "Float" anchor Brooks' unique philosophy around an emerging trend in running. Some runners want to connect with and "feel" the road, sense the surface underneath. "Feel" promotes a more natural, proactive stride. Others would rather cruise–or "float"--through their run from first to final step. "Float" requires necessary cushion and support based on the runner's biomechanical needs.

Brooks believes in giving runners the power to choose whether they "float" with its core footwear or "feel" with the Brooks PureProject collection–always with the confidence that every Brooks shoe is designed to enhance your run. The new Brooks PureProject collection, consisting of four styles each for men and women ranging in price from $90 to $120, will join the core Brooks footwear line in select stores and Oct. 1, 2011.

Additionally, the new Brooks PureProject collection furthers Brooks’ ongoing commitment to sustainable design and practices. Similar to many of the brand's core footwear, the Brooks PureProject styles are constructed with recycled components, water-based adhesives, and more eco-friendly materials. For example, the BioMoGo DNA midsole, made from a blend of BioMoGo and patent-pending Brooks® DNA, will biodegrade in an active, enclosed landfill 50 times faster than a traditional EVA midsole. In addition, because the shoes are constructed with fewer parts, they require less materials, labor, and energy to produce.

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