Run Happy


Show us how you better your best

Your next personal best is just around the corner. So set some goals, make some progress, and follow these three simple steps for a chance to win.

Run Happy
Run Happy
Run Happy
run happy


Smash these challenges and give yourself something to celebrate.

Run one song further

Nothing is more energizing than the perfect running song. But let’s be honest, once that last song is done, so are you. So next time you run, queue up one more track to extend your groove. We’ve put together a Spotify playlist to help you with this one.

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More miles before sunrise

An early morning run gives you energy for the whole day. So here’s a challenge that will push that energy to new highs. Wake up, fuel up, and then step up. You’ll spend the rest of the day feeling the relaxed sort of confidence that comes after a great run.

Last mile faster than the first

Love the thrill of sprint finish? This challenge is for you. Go big at the end of your run. If you don’t like your hardest push to be too rough, check out the supreme smoothness of the new Ghost 12.

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Your route in reverse

We all need to shake up our routines from time to time. This challenge is all about getting some new perspective on your daily run. Hit your route backwards, facing forwards. We recommend Strava if you need some help with navigation.

Run with new friends

You could make a new best friend this Best Fest. This challenge is about more than finding a running buddy — it’s about bringing the running community together.

Beat your personal best

Here’s a classic challenge that’s all about you. Just choose any distance, then go for it! Running at the right time of day could help, as could getting a friend to set the pace. Another top tip: use an app like Strava to track your run.

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Header : Best Fest is on Strava
Body : Every run brings its own rewards. But if you like a little extra recognition, check out the Brooks challenges on Strava. You’ll be able to track the challenges you tackle, show your friends how you’re progressing, and add some prizes to your trophy case. Plus it’s a great place to meet new runners and find the best runs in your area.
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Header : Personal bests just got softer
Body : Run farther with more feel-good factor. DNA LOFT midsole technology reduces impact by dispersing under-foot energy, with extra air for cushion and added rubber for durability. The Ghost 12 makes even the hardest run feel soft.
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