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We're all made to run. Your bra should be too. We put over 40 years of research, runners' insights, and bra innovation into our bra designs.

Sports Bra Run Bra

When it comes to support and comfort, not all sports bras are created equal. Our bras are designed for the high-impact nature of running.

Title : Sports Bra Run Bra
Body : When it comes to support and comfort, not all sports bras are created equal. Our bras are designed for the high-impact nature of running.
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Lab tested. Runner approved.

We partner with the Research Group in Breast Health at the University of Portsmouth to do biomechanical testing on a wide range of sizes — not just the industry standard B cup.

Run-ready support comes standard

Each Dare bra offers Run-Ready Support, which is our name for the perfect blend of hold-you-in support and pure comfort.

Forget about your bra. Seriously.

Thanks to seamless, soft, distraction-free comfort, you can forget about your bra and focus on your run.

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Everything you should know about Brooks Run Bras
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Title : Everything you should know about Brooks Run Bras
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Meet the Dare Run Bras

Dare Racerback

Customized comfort: fully adjustable, with smooth shaping and extra breathability.

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Dare Crossback

A dreamy blend of seamless softness and support. Sometimes simple is best.

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Dare Zip

Skip the post-workout-sweaty-bra struggle. Zip it on. Zip it off. It’s that easy.

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Dare Strappy

Who said strappy style can’t be supportive? This bra defies expectations.

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Dare High-Neck

Rock it solo or wear it layered. This streamlined style can do it all.

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Dare Scoopback

Want the scoop? So do we. Get adjustable, supportive style sans racerback.

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Header : Why Dare?
Body : Our innovative bras deserve a powerful name. We chose “dare” for its natural sense of energy, risk, excitement, and courage. We dared ourselves to make a better bra for running — and we delivered. The word “dare” also celebrates the women who will wear these bras and dare to dream bigger, and do more than they thought possible.
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We’re here to help.

Shopping for running bras can be tough. Start with our Fit Guide and learn how we think about fit when it comes to the perfect running bra.

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