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Bra Fitting Guide

Questions about bra measurements? We've got you covered. Check out our bra fitting tips, measuring guide, and solutions to common issues.

Fit fundamentals

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A woman stretches in her run bra with arrows pointing to the flat, snug band.
A woman runs in her run bra with arrows pointing to the smooth, mouldable cups.
A woman tightens the straps on her run bra with arrows pointing to the adjustable straps.
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How to measure your bra size

A woman measuring her bra band size.
  • You’ll need a flexible tape measure. It’s also best to wear a bra that doesn’t change your shape — no padding or compression. You can also just skip the bra.

  • Measure around your rib cage where the bottom band would sit. The tape measure should feel quite snug. If you get a fraction, round down to the nearest inch. Using , find your corresponding band size based on your measurement.

  • Measure around the fullest part of your boobs — which may not be the center — and round up to the nearest inch. Then subtract your rib cage measurement. The difference in inches is your suggested cup size. If you get a fraction, round up to the larger size.

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How the Brooks Run Bra™ was made

Engineering the perfect run bra is a combination of science and art. Learn how meticulous research and runner insights influenced the perfect bra for your run.

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