Mountain Trail & Rugged Terrain Running Shoes

Heading into the wild? Pull on these rugged mountain running shoes and hit the trails for a challenging run. Special protective features keep you safe & stable over uneven ground. Enjoy the view!

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8 products

Brooks has the best mountain trail running shoes

And we'll sing it from the mountaintops, because we really believe in our mountain trail running shoes! It goes without saying that heading off-road brings some additional challenges and requirements in terms of stability, grip and support. When it comes to the best trail running shoes for mountains, Brooks have done extensive research in order to come up with optimal materials and designs for mountain trail running shoes.

Up hill and down dale in our mountain trail running shoes

When you're planning to hit the mountain trails, you can expect to encounter any and all challenges: sandy, muddy or rocky terrain, wet and slippery conditions, and lots of climbing and descending. This means there are three important criteria to consider: support, grip and comfort. Brooks has put a lot of effort into researching and designing excellent mountain trail running shoes that will give you a solid, reliable grip on any surface, a secure fit to keep your feet and posture stable over uneven terrain, and a comfortable landing every step of the way.

While searching for the best mountain trail running shoes…

… you can make use of our helpful size guide to make sure you get the best fit. Pair that with our comprehensive shoe finder, and in just a few minutes and a few clicks, you'll have the best mountain trail running shoes to suit your needs. And since you're here for the shoes, why not also have a look at our trail running gear collection? You'll be able to create a great running outfit for all possible trail conditions!