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A good run starts with good shoes. And good shoes start with great tech.

Runners are a diverse bunch. Some dodge traffic, some dodge tree roots. Our designs are informed by thousands of runners and their stories. The result? Shoe technology that’s designed for the different needs, preferences and environments of runners like you.

Innovation at every level

A yellow Brooks shoe
A grey mesh Brooks upper

Stretchable-yet-firm materials help give you a secure fit while also letting your foot breathe.

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A silver shoe sole
Midsole cushioning

Each lightweight midsole is specialised based on the shoe experience: Cushioning, Speed, Energize or Trail.

A rubber shoe tread

The rubber outsole is designed to maintain traction and help deliver a smooth ride.

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Every experience has its own technology


Give yourself more comfort and less impact with every stride.

Sole of a Brooks shoe


A finely calibrated mix of mesh, air and rubber makes it our softest material.


This dynamic cushioning adapts to your stride, weight and speed.

Sole of a Brooks shoe


Get a bigger return on energy every time your foot hits the ground.

A zoomed image of a Brooks shoe


Our most responsive cushioning offers best-in-class energy return.

Arrow Point Outsole

The entire outsole is shaped to help you move quickly from heel to toe.

The tread on the underside of a Brooks shoe
Arrow Point Outsole

The entire outsole is shaped to help you move quickly from heel to toe.


These high-performance designs are built light with your splits in mind.

The Hyperion Elite from the front and back


This nitrogen-infused cushioning offers adaptive energy return.

Carbon Fibre Propulsion Plate

This ultralight plate helps keep you in your preferred motion path so you run more efficiently.

a Carbon Fiber Propulsion Plate


Protect yourself from the elements and get a firm grip on new terrain.

A Brooks trail shoe


A sticky rubber outsole makes it easier to grip challenging surfaces.

Ballistic Rock Shield

A sheath between the outsole and midsole helps deflect impact from sharp objects.

illustration of a Ballistic Rock Shield on the bottom of a Brooks trail shoe
Ready to dig into some new topics?

Running responsibly

We're doing our part to fight climate change and promote inclusivity within the running world.