New Brooks GuideRails technology gives you the support to stay in your natural stride.

Stay in your stride. Run after Run.

We don’t believe there is a right way to run. Only your way to run. So we created GuideRails technology to give you the support you need to run in your own natural way. Our innovative support technology is unique because it only kicks in when you need it, when your body strays from its natural line. Now you have the power to stay in your stride, run after run after run.

Brooks GTS19 GuideRails Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 GuideRails

Designed for Your Run

There is no right way to run. Just your way to run. GuideRails support doesn’t try to correct your run — it simply guides you into the preferred alignment of your body.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

On-Demand Support

All runners benefit from some kind of support, but we don’t need it all the time. GuideRails only kick in when you could use a nudge back into your preferred stride.

Whole Body Support

GuideRails technology starts with supporting your knees. When your knees are happy, so are your feet, your hips and your back. And when that’s all happy, so is your run.

Why are GuideRails so innovative?