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Brooks for you

Brooks For You

Are you looking for the perfect shoe for your running journey? Join our team of Tech Rep experts as they travel around the country providing free technical advice to all runners, and of course sharing our Run Happy Spirit along the way!

Shoes your own adventure...

At Brooks we know that no two runners are alike and creating gear that can provide different experiences and give runners the power of choice is important to us! Our Tech Reps travel across the country each week providing their expert advice and tips on our running shoes, making it easier for you to lace up and run happy. Are you looking to experience new technologies and try out the latest Brooks products? Check out the calendar below to find out where your local Brooks Tech Rep will be next. We can’t wait to see you there!

The Glycerin 19
Lucy Harrison
Meet the Tech Team!

Lucy Harrison

South West and Wales

Run Happy means to me… To me Run Happy is what I call ‘me time’ it’s the sense of freedom and enjoyment you have when you are running and forgetting about all your worries and stresses that day.

My favourite running distance is…  My favourite distance to race is 10 miles to Half Marathon.

My favourite running tune is… I love to listen to musicals when I run! My favourite is the Mamma Mia soundtrack or The Greatest Showman! It just makes me feel really happy.

My favourite Brooks experience is… It has got to be cushion! I love soft cushion shoes so the DNA LOFT cushioning in the Brooks Ghost and Glycerin is perfect for my long runs where I just want to keep going forever!

Meet the Tech Team!

James Alcock

London and East Anglia

My favourite running distance is…  10 miles is my favourite race distance and for training I like reps and quicker sessions.

My dream running location is… Sunny California or a wet and windy North downs in Kent.

My favourite Brooks experience is… Speed has to be my favourite experience with Brooks. I’m really enjoying my Hyperion Tempos, responsive for quicker runs and super comfy for longer runs.

Run Happy means to me… Friends, fresh air, fresh mind.

The Hyperion Tempo
James Alcock
Everything you need to grab the perfect pair