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Brooks x Earth Runs

The planet is our home, and with 150 million people running outside, it’s crucial that we play our part when it comes to taking care of it. We have partnered with Earth Runs to plant trees to save the planet one foot(print) at a time.

Brooks x Earth Runs
Natasha from Earth Runs

Tash from Earth Runs

About Earth Runs

Here at Brooks, we love running – and so does Tash from Earth Runs. Like all good ideas, Earth Runs came to her on a run one day. Instead of getting throwaway medals and t-shirts at the end of races, wouldn’t it be better to do something meaningful that supported the planet and make a difference with our runs?

So, she set up Earth Runs. It’s a simple concept: trees are planted for every challenge. To date, they’ve planted over 48,000 trees and hosted over 150 virtual races and that is making a big impact on our planet. Each tree will grow to support over 300 animals, birds and reptiles and create enough oxygen to support two humans for a year!

Brooks x Earth Runs

It's Your Run Challenge

We love running, and we love the planet, so here’s a deal: you run, we plant.

Go any distance and join the It's Your Run Challenge with Earth Runs and plant 5 trees. Together we want to protect the planet we run on and inspire runners to lace up. But whether you run an ultra-marathon, or around the block with your dog, whatever gets you across the finish line counts - #ItsYourRun.

Are you ready to celebrate the transformative power of the run? Join us in our commitment to running responsibly.

Running Responsibly

Running Responsibly

How is Brooks playing its part when it comes to running responsibly? Check out our commitment to the planet and learn more about what we want to achieve.