Winter Running Clothes & Gear

As a committed runner, the last thing you want is for cold weather to keep you stuck indoors. Make sure your wardrobe includes clothes for cold weather – check out our winter running clothes now!

36 products

36 products

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  • The Run Visible Collection

    Whether it’s at sunrise or sundown, with the Run Visible gear, you’ll be recognized as a runner by moving vehicles from up to 600 feet away.

  • Women's Cold Weather Kit

    Running Outfits

    Original price £245 Current price £189

    Shield Hybrid Vest 2.0 image

    Shield Hybrid Vest 2.0

    Women’s Running Jackets & Outerwear

    Original price £90 Current price £63

    Notch Thermal Long Sleeve 2.0 image

    Notch Thermal Long Sleeve 2.0

    Women’s Running Jackets & Outerwear


    Momentum Thermal Tight image

    Momentum Thermal Tight

    Running Bottoms for Women

    Original price £75 Current price £52

    Notch Thermal Headband image

    Notch Thermal Headband

    Running Accessories

    Original price £20 Current price £14

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  • Men's Cold Weather Kit

    Running Outfits

    Original price £258 Current price £225

    Fusion Hybrid Jacket image

    Fusion Hybrid Jacket

    Men’s Running Jackets & Outerwear

    Original price £110 Current price £77

    Heritage Pom Beanie image

    Heritage Pom Beanie

    Running Hats & Caps


    Notch Thermal Hoodie 2.0 image

    Notch Thermal Hoodie 2.0

    Men’s Running Jackets & Outerwear


    Spartan Pant image

    Spartan Pant

    Men's Running Bottoms


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It’s always time to think about winter running clothes… no, really!

When the weather’s great, things like low temperatures, rain, wind and even snow can seem inconceivable. Yet if there’s anything an outdoor athlete knows, it’s that running conditions can be unpredictable, no matter what time of year it is. So, we recommend taking a look at your collection of winter running clothes to see what’s missing, or what’s old and needs replacing. It’s a great opportunity to head over to Brooks to check out our clothes for cold weather running.

Cold weather running gear – we’ve got you covered!

We’re sure you’ve benefited before from Brooks’ fantastic range of hot weather running gear to keep you cool and comfortable while you’re out in the sun. Well, we also have an excellent range of clothing for running in cold weather. On the practical level, we use the most advanced materials that stay breathable while keeping you warm and dry and allowing absolute freedom of movement. And our winter running clothes always look great, so you’ll be able to put together a wardrobe you’ll be proud to go out in.

Completing your wardrobe with clothes for cold weather

We recommend getting all your winter running clothes out and casting a critical eye over them. What’s still good enough that you can get another year’s wear out of it? And which of your winter jogging clothes could really do with replacing? For example, perhaps it’s time to update your top layer – Brooks has a great range of running jackets to explore. Or perhaps your wet weather gear is due for an update. If so, head on over to our rain running clothing. Whatever you need, you’ll find it in Brooks’ broad selection of winter running clothes and accessories. Check them out now!