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From finishing your race strong to a day out with friends; a trail run can change a day, a life, or even the world.

Tackling rugged terrain and gnarly paths, our trail runners hit some of the best trails out there – together, as a team. Because no one's really alone when they're out on the trails, with a like-minded crew and the Brooks gear that's been created by trail runners, for trail runners. We sweat every detail to get it just right, equipping trail runners with shoes and gear that take them higher, faster and further.

Brooks Trail team

Meet the Brooks Trail Team

Our team live and breathe trail running. Running high or running far – as long as it's outdoors on trails and mountain tracks, the team are there.

Community Spirit

Trail running is all about the community, with best buddies coming together for that family feeling. We get it – because we're trail runners too.


We've been developing our trail running gear for years. For trail runners, by trail runners, so you can focus on the trail with gear that supports you every step of the way.

Nature lovers

There's no better feeling than running along beautiful trails and exploring the world on our doorstep – even if the weather isn't always on our side.

Run Happy

Hot coffee. Trail naps. Celebrating our achievements – and our failures. We always Run Happy when we're out on the trails.

Explore the trails with us