In rethinking support,
we rethought everything.

Transcend 5 Shoe

Transcend 5

With Guide Rails support to optimize your stride and super-soft cushioning, the Transcend 5 puts you on a path to running happy.

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image 1

Updated Support System:

Guide your stride, so it doesn't collapse inward, by reducing excess rotation through your heel and shin, and supporting your midfoot.

IDEAL Pressure Zones:

To improve the way your foot works while running, we created zones that make a wide midfoot platform, dispersing impact and helping to minimize stress on your joints.

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External Heel Counter:

Strong yet lightweight, it helps to reduce heel rotation beyond your natural motion path.

Runners wearing the Transcend shoes.

Running's Most Advanced Support System served Super Soft

Support isn't about "fixing" your stride. It's about finding your best stride. Where traditional support focuses on your feet, we think about your knees, too. That's because the knees are where most running complaints happen. By innovating Guide Rails technology - our universal support system - we can keep your knees stable. Add our super-soft cushioning for total comfort, and the Transcend 5 puts you on a path to running happy.

Introducing Transcend 5 See it in Action.