DNA AMP midsole technology delivers more energy return than any leading performance running shoe.

Get back more of what you put in.

Our energized cushioning system returns maximum energy with minimum delay. As force is applied downwards, the shoe absorbs impact and then snaps back to return more of the effort you put in. Running with DNA AMP may just make you feel superhuman. So who's to say you're not?

Women's Levitate 2 Women's Levitate 2 DNA AMP Midsole DNA AMP

Springy Cushioning

DNA AMP is made from a foam that naturally expands as force is applied, delivering a cushioned, springy feel.

PU Foam expands & returns energy with every step. TPU Skin keeps the energy vertical.

Energy Return

We coated the foam in a skin that resists horizontal expansion, which traps energy and pushes it directly back to you.

Downward Force. Energy Return. Downward Force. Energy Return.

Adaptive Ride

Our family of soft, responsive DNA midsole technologies absorb impact and then firm up to provide a comfortable push-off that’s unique to each runner.

Why is DNA AMP so fast?